PROJECT: Announcing the Praxis Network

Last week the University of Virginia’s Scholar’s Lab announced the launch of the Praxis Network, featuring graduate programs at the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, CUNY Graduate Center, University College London, and Duke University, and undergraduate programs at Hope College and Brock University. The network is:

a new partnership of innovative graduate and undergraduate programs that are making effective interventions in the traditional models of humanities pedagogy and research.

Visit the beautifully-designed project website to learn more about the network, which forms part of the Scholarly Communication Institute’s work on graduate education. Also, keep an eye out for the results of SCI’s study on #altac career preparation in the humanities.

In addition to the project announcement, The Scholars Lab has posted a job opportunity for Head of Graduate Programs, whose duties include overseeing the Praxis Program and the Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities program. Note: a PhD is preferred but not required.

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