RESOURCE: How to Git

Over on the ACRL TechConnect Blog, Eric Phetteplace has provided an introduction to Git and its potential relevance, along with instructions on tackling it, promising: “If you are generally afraid of anything that reminds you of the DOS Prompt, you’re not alone and you’re also totally capable of learning Git.”

In an earlier post on TechConnect, Josh Fink introduced the concept of version control:

In programming, a version control system is a program that, at a very basic level, records the state of a project and has functionality to view past states, commonly called arepository and allows people to collaborate on that repository. Modern version control systems have the ability to incorporate changes to that state from multiple contributors, keep all revisions of a project indefinitely, have as many backups as the project as there are people with copies of the repository, and make it easy to collaborate with others.

Phetteplace points readers to a range of resources on Git, including the LITA/ALCTS Library Code Year’s GitHub Project as a source for collaborating on Git repositories.

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