Do You TEI? A Survey of Text Encoding Practices in Libraries


If you work in a library and have any experience with text encoding projects, from web development to project management, please consider participating in a new survey, available here.

Completing the survey should take no more than 30 minutes, and will help academic libraries develop strategic initiatives based on current practice.

From the announcement:

Following on papers, presentations and discussions that resulted from the theme of the 2009 Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium, “Text Encoding in the Era of Mass Digitization,” the launch of the AccessTEI program in 2010, and the recent release of the “Best Practices for TEI in Libraries” in 2011, it behooves us—stewards of text encoding initiatives in academic libraries—to better understand if and how text encoding practices have changed as a result of mass digitization by Google, declining budgets, and an increased emphasis on streamlined digital library services in support of speedier and more voluminous online content production and publishing.

The study is being conducted by Michelle Dalmau, Digital Projects and Usability Librarian for the Indiana University Digital Library Program, and Kevin Hawkins, Head of Publishing Production for MPublishing, University of Michigan Library.

Roxanne Shirazi

Roxanne is the Dissertation Research Librarian at the Graduate Center, CUNY.